More Than a Deserving Win for South Beach

Posted on May 25, 2011


We are still witnesses

Written By: Sam Babitsky

As Chicago sighs and Miami hollers, one thing is for certain; the Heat wanted it more. Though the Bulls took the Heat to overtime, does the final score really reflect what happened?
First off, one week ago, it would have been the Heat taking the Bulls to overtime but now the tides have turned. Already being underdogs in the series, Chicago brushed that off quickly by taking Game 1. Since then, its been nothing but a downfall. Noah and Boozer are nearly insignificant and Rose has lost his touch. As for the bench mob, Korver has not been hitting and Taj lost his flare from Game 1 as well. Many would say that the Bulls should of had the edge in all four games because of the “MVP” and home court, but let us keep in mind, “all the talents are in South Beach”.
For those of you who claim that the Bulls still have a shot at turning this thing around, the number three should tell the story.
This is the first time this season that the Bulls have lost more than two games in a row. Now they’re at three. Well, no good news there.
As the chances grew from possible before the game to grim now, the Bulls are left with the question that never actually left. “Who wants James?” The answer is simple, it doesn’t matter. Luol Deng truly tried the best he could but as the saying goes, “the best is sometimes just not good enough.”
With an outreached arm as overtime comes close to the conclusion, James fires up and nails a shot over Deng (then of course claims there should have been a foul, what else is new)? This cannot be coached, practiced, or preached by any coach. James is his own coach.
Back over to the Bulls side, the ball could not seem to stay in their possession. Rose coughed the ball up like it was his ACT Test and the Bulls somehow could not grasp the rebounds, largely due to the constant agression of the Miami Big’s.

So now here is all the hope that glimmers for the Bulls: Game 5 is at the UC. Yep, thats pretty much it.
Here goes nothing…

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